Interior Design Service

Design & Decoration Interior design of condominiums by professional decorators and technicians One-Stop-Service for your room to be beautiful, complete, complete in one place...

Bath Service

Renovate work, bathroom problems, water leaks, wall work, cracks, new paint, roof repairs, ceilings, renovations, additions, neat work, provided by a team of professional technicians, free consultation.

Curtain Service

Selling and installing curtains, measuring the area, giving advice, giving advice and free estimates. pocket-friendly price by curtain specialists Grade A material pay attention to every step Impressive service

Furniture Service

Beautiful decoration design with functions that meet the needs at a cost-effective price including construction Professional studio for designing, decorating, as well as a team of specialists in both architects and decorators.

Paint Service

House painting service The building, both inside and outside, is fully integrated, from measuring the area in front of the job. Wall moisture measurement, color design and paint with quality grade paint by professional technicians.

Wallpaper Service

Get wallpaper installed on the wall. Wallpaper with ceiling, grade A products, free measurement in front of the work before sewing MeHey Curtains, sells and installs curtains, wooden blinds, good quality, good quality. Order directly from the factory

Cleaning Service

Contractor company to clean the house, abseiling, glass cleaning, silicone blasting, high-rise buildings, cleaning chandeliers, abseiling services, glass wiping, flame rims, silicone blasting, high-rise buildings

Feng Shui Service

Afraid to arrange your own home and it doesn't meet the correct feng shui principles, don't worry, call feng shui services by Master Xin Sae Feng Shui Get a look at home feng shui.

Shipping Service

Moving, whether it's moving dormitories, houses, condos, offices or general moving. It can always happen due to factors such as moving closer to school or work.

Other Service

Service center about home Electrical work and air conditioning work, plumbing work, garden work and outdoor areas Decoration and repair work Miscellaneous

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